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Their Wedding Day by Emma Darcy

Added Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Their Wedding Day by Emma Darcy
Their Wedding Day by Emma Darcy
Their Wedding Day by Emma Darcy English | September 30, 2002 | PDF | 407 pages | 807 KB

eBook description:

Once a handsome prince rescued a beautiful princess.... Well, that was what Rowena Goodman's children believed. And they soon decided that Keir Delahunty was the prince sent to rescue their mother. But Rowena had trouble believing that Keir, who had left her waiting for him all those years ago, and who could have any woman his heart desired, wanted her.

Keir insisted he loved Rowena and the children, and that they were essential to his future happiness. To prove his good intentions he set out to slay all Rowena's dragons. That left Rowena with no excuses and one secret to share with Keir...and it concerned her oldest child.

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